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Labs, Leaders, Critical Connections: RFS Virtual Meeting 

An end of year virtual meeting hosted by the Rosalind Franklin Society, will highlight astounding accomplishments of women and minorities in science as well as significant challenges yet to be addressed. 

From groundbreaking research to prestigious awards and recognition, this free virtual event provides you with incredible access to emerging stars as well as those who continue to lead the way. 

Sessions will cover the academic world as well as industry; corporations and start-ups; and U.S. and international colleagues and partnerships.

The free event will take place online over two half-days: December 16th and December 17th from 1:00pm to 5:00pm EST.

Labs, Leaders, Critical Connections is produced with support from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), and Onramp Bioinformatics, Inc.


The Rosalind Franklin Society recognizes and celebrates the contributions of outstanding women in the life sciences and affiliated disciplines, promotes broadened opportunities for women in the sciences, and through its many activities motivates new generations of women to this calling. 
The Society honors the achievements of Rosalind Franklin (1920-1958), a British x-ray crystallographer whose extraordinary work, though largely overlooked and under-appreciated at the time, was crucial to the discovery of DNA’s structure by James Watson and Francis Crick.  The powerful symbolism of her remarkable story drives the Society’s agenda.

The Rosalind Franklin Society is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3).